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Brinouva stands for "brilliant," "nova" and "UV." Based on the world’s highest-standard UV-C LED sterilization technology, we have developed a range of products for daily life sterilization by assuming various daily life scenarios and integrating them with product design aesthetics, hoping to provide people with eco-friendlier, safer, and worry-lesser options for sterilization. With UV-C LED technology, Brinouva shines over the world and creates a clean and healthy environment.

Three Insistence of Product Development

World’s Highest Standard


Non-Corrosive Sterilization Methods




UV-C LED Sterilization Technology

With the multinational-patented deep ultraviolet light-emitting diode (UV-C LED) chip and based on the compact, efficient, energy-saving, eco-friendly, and durable characteristics of LEDs, Brinouva equips products with the industry-highest UVC output to directly destroy the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) of bacteria to block the protein formation of microorganisms, in order to kill the bacteria or make them unable to reproduce.

While Deep UV radiation is physical and the LED chips are mercury-free, Brinouva can prevent the production of chemical residues and the possibility of secondary pollution to bring people a true healthy and sterile life.

Long-term use

Currently, the life of Deep UV-C LEDs is over tens of thousands of hours. As technology advances, their life can be raised to 100,000 hours to reduce consumables and product replacement.


Although the size of LED chips is much smaller than that of traditionally UV mercury lamps, the former can output the same or higher power to help reduce product size for a broader range of applications.

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Nearly no warm-up time

Compared to CCFL and T5 mercury lamps which take minutes to warm up, LEDs only need a few seconds to realize "use on-demand," saving time and convenient to use.

Mercury-free design

According to the UN Minamata Convention after 2020 on Mercury, production, import, and export of fluorescent lamps for general lighting purposes containing over 5mg of mercury will be banned.

Application on
Sterilization Products

Surface Sterilization

To keep the environment clean, we have developed the Portable-Sterilizer, an UV surface sterilization product for different materials and items.

Water Sterilization

To ensure drinking water safety, we have developed a range of water sterilization products: UV Water Purifier.

Air Sterilization

To maintain air quality, we have developed air sterilization products for different spaces: Portable Air Purifier.

About NKFG

As a joint-venture formed by Formosa Petrochemical Corporation and Japanese medical device leader Nikkiso Co., Ltd., NKFG Corporation, the owner of the Brinouva brand, was established in July 2018. NKFG mainly engages in the R&D of UVC-LED technology, production of Deep UV LED chips and the development and sales of various industrial and consumer deep VC application products. NKFG wishes to lead the sterilization market with own technology and optimize the environment to bring people a better world.

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